How to Shopping

     I'm sorry if the English words are strange.

The currency is Japan yen.
There are usually sales and raffle sales.

Shopping flow

  1. Select the product you want (top page)

  2. Check the product page for more infomation.(product page)

  3. You put goods in a shopping cart.(shopping cart contents page)

  4. Enter your infomation.(infomation entry page)

  5. Please check the amount and contents.(order confirmation page)

  6. Send page

If this is good,send it.

If there is no reply after 3 days,please contact me again.

Please make sure I can send it to your place.

2. product page

3. shopping cart contents page

4. information entry page

Fill in an address:

If necessary, enter the unlock number for the building door please.

5. order confirmation page

There is no auto-send email immediatery after the order.

The customer who ordered the usual product will send an email confirming the order contents later.

If you order a lottery priduct, only the winner will be contacted at a later date.


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